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Welcome to The Hun's Webmaster Area. Here's you'll find some usefull information on the does and don'ts submitting your galleries to The Hun's Yellow Pages.

A good place for more information, and to swap experiences with other webmasters, is The Hun's Webmaster Forum. You can ask questions to other webmasters and of course to our own review! check

what we want

People submit all kinds of stuff to us. We manually check each and every submissions that passes our submission bot. We then check if a gallery is good enough to be listed on the Yellow Pages or on the Overflow page. We prefer galleries with pictures and/or video or story sites (like blogs and illustrated stories). There is no minimum or maximum to the number of pictures that have to be on a gallery, but we make a selection. We get more submissions than we can post, so we pick the best galleries. Those are usually the ones that have a more-than-average number of pictures, longers movies, complete series or better quality pics. Today's 'average' is easily found by going through the daily updated everything-we-thought-was-good-enough-list at ;-).

There are a lot of people that submit to us. We want to give everybody a good chance of getting listed, so please, do not submit more than once every 3 days. Read more about this in the 'what we don't want' article.

Make sure you submit content only once. We get a lot of the same content that has been listed before (and is still listed in the archives) which will not be listed again. Be unique and original. That will highly improve your chances on getting listed.

what we don't want

We're not listing entry sites, warning pages, disclaimers or other stuff like that. People come to the Yellow Pages to see content, so we link that. And people kind of know what to expect when they click on a link, so a warning is not needed, trust me...

We don't list FHG (free hosted galleries). It's great that sponsors pre-build pages for people so they only have to submit, but we have many people submitting... and many people use the same sponsors... so we see many (many!) of the same FHG's. These are listed all over the web and we want to offer the surfer the best links possible. Which means we shouldn't list what everybody else out there is listing. Put some efford in building stuff yourself. After all, if we wanted to list FHG's we could sign up for them ourselves...

Sites with consoles, exit traffic redirects, blind advertising, exsessive advertising and such will not be accepted. We do understand people have to make money, but over the past years we learned that offering quality products is more important that clogging a gallery with banners to make a sale. We tend to list the cleaner galleries a lot more often.

Don't change your gallery after it's listed. We have a robot that constantly checks links, and of course we get reports from our surfers when someone is messing with a gallery. Usually people that change galleries after they're accepted end up on our blacklist.

Please don't submit more than once every 3 days. Also please, don't try to submit using more than one name. Our robot will detect this and all sites 'spamsubmitting' to us will be added to the blacklist. We want to list as many people as possible, and we're looking for a great variety of galleries. Keep this in mind when submitting.


The Hun's Overflow is a collection of 'overcomplete' submissions that are presented categorised. We post about 100 links daily and we want to cover pretty much every niche out there. But in some cases we get too many galleries in a day that cover the same niche. In these cases sites will be listed on The Hun's Overflow. Don't see this as a site of rejects, it's not! The traffic from there is consistent and we received very good reports from people that got listed there.


The Hun's Yellow Pages has a version adapted for cellphones and PDA's: MobiHun. Galleries we list at The Hun's Yellow Pages that have content suitable for mobile devices (picture galleries, mp4 galleries, those sort of things) will get listed at the MobiHun page as well.

There are people out there that build pages especially for mobile devices. We welcome those submissions! Please submit through the 'regular' submissions page and put in the comment you want to be listed on the MobiHun page only and we'll take care of it. Galleries custom made for mobile devices will be put up higher on the page.

seal of approval

Galleries that have a great layout (read: unique) and/or great content will get The Hun's Thumbs-Up Seal of Approval. It's our way of saying thanks for going unique on content, a design or whatever you did to make a submission stand out from the rest. The more outstanding it is the more seals you'll get!


We offer different advertising oppertunities to webmasters for all sites: The Hun's Yellow Pages, MobiHun, The Hun's Overflow, The Hun's Thumbs-up. Please mail to and someone will gladly fill you in on the possibilities!


At The Hun's we don't require a reciprocal. We do appreciate them, but we certainly do not demand one. The reason is simple: people sending in their galleries are providing the Yellow Pages with content. Without the galleries we would be a site without content. In fact, we decline galleries with too many reciprocals on them. Replace the recprocals with a couple of pics and you'll have a cleaner gallery with more content, thus a better chance of getting listed.

our banners

Like said before, we do not require a link back on your galleries, but we do appreciate one. Right now we have these ancient banners. We will be working on some new ones though, so keep your eyes open for that. Most likely there will be a post on the forum about that. You can either use a text-link or use one of these banners. Please put them on your own server and ofcourse: thanks for the favor!

124 x 85
94 x 85
120 x 72px, 4k
100 x 52px, 3k
129 x 78, 11k
242x111, 9k

people that owe us money

Over the years we had some companies that didn't take business ethics very serious. They ordered advertising packages and charged back and stuff like that. We got burned a couple of times in the past which is where this list comes from. Many people that ended up on this list paid their outstanding bills and were promptly taken off. But some people are persistently not keeping their word. Here is the list:

Millennium GTD, LLC D. Charles
Name on his CC: David C Douglas
2112 Brink Ct.
Odenton MD 21113
Renewed each month, filled out and signed the authorization form each month and then in April asked for all his money back. We declined and he's charging back.
EB Consult Jerson Del Rosario
EB Consult
Av. Maximo Gomez No. 29
Plaza Gazcue, Suite 503
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Checks bounced from this fellow, totalling the sum of 1600 USD. This company is blacklisted from galleries as well untill they pay their dues. Chamila Sumanasekera
No 05, 33rd Lane,
Colombo 03.
Sri Lanka
Charged back December payment (in April) and bounced several checks. Totalling 3800 USD. Very trustworthy to business like this indeed...
Js Webs Ltd Johnny
5986 Bannantyne
Montreal Quebec
Canada H4H 1H8
Told us on several occasions the check was on the way, but it never arrived. Hasn't responded to the last 3 e-mails
Avenue International Jack Greber/Tomasz Grabowski
skr.poczt. 261
66-400 Gorzow Wlkp1
Recieved everything we agreed upon. Advertised with us in 3 occasions, never complained, but charged back every single dollar
S & S Enterprises Samuel Abramyan
11520 Odessa Ave.
Granda Hills, CA. 91344
Received what we promised, tried working with him after he complained, but he charged back his money

The list got quite big, so we had to choose this tiny font ;-). Anyway... just a little saying we use a lot:

Don't get mad... get even!