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did you know?
War on Masturbation

vaseline-kleenexUtah is heading for a new law... to limit sales of Kleenex and Vaseline, in order to reduce masturbation. As if there was no masturbation possible without Kleenex and Vaseline!

"If a young man buys a lot of these items he has fallen pray to the seduction of masturbation". And since masturbation is believed to a sin in some religions sales of large amounts of these items have to be stopped! That vaseline can be used to heal a dry skin and Kleenex is used heavily during girls' film nights and common colds is ignored... It's not a law yet though, but it's being proposed.

We always wondered that why any God that would see masturbation as a sin would make your arms exactly the length that if you lay down on your back with nothing to do your hands end up in your crotch... wouldn't it make much more sense to put any genitals on that hard to reach place between your shoulder blades instead of the most convenient place to rest your hands when you're lying down? Ah well... read more...


New!! The Hun TUBE

We teamed up with a lot of producers and paysite owners to be able to bring you a peek inside their members' area. No short clips or teasers, but full scenes you would otherwise only find locked behind a paysite. Why? 'cause they are confident showing what you can expect to see in their members' area might get you excited enough to try 'em out! Have fun with these videos... there are more to come!!!!

10:00 outdoor anal

See the rest of the videos at tube.thehun.net!

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