Reciprocal Madness

This is message I send out to a lot of people that send me galleries smothered in reciprocals to everything but the kitchen-sink. Please read it closely and pass the message. This reciprocal-madness has got to stop!

One note on the reciprocals on your site: Sites like Adult Buffet, Persian Kitty, and some others demand a link back to their site. The Yellow Pages are one of the few out there that don't have that policy. Why? 'cause I think it's great that people like yourself provide me with galleries. I would have nothing to link to if it wasn't for people like yourself. I never demanded a link back and I never will. I appreciate reciprocals, but that's something different. I have been getting a lot of galleries and other sites lately that have a lot of reciprocals on them demanded by "the other" link-sites… They make every site look shitty. You can't tell me you have those reciprocals on there 'cause you think they make your site look better. You have them there 'cause you won't get linked from the sites demanding the buttons. I don't mind banners on a site, I mean, you have to pay for the bill as well, but I've kinda had it with all the reciprocals. Those people should be happy that you provide them with content! If everybody would just say NO to those demanded reciprocals the "other" link-sites will start to link what's good again. I got my site by linking to quality, not by linking what sends me the most hits… and I'm going to keep doing that. Please take down the reciprocals so I can start sending some traffic that you deserve, not traffic that you have to earn by sending your visitors away somewhere else…

              The Hun

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Or look here at some of the reactions I got:

i was thinking about your reciprocal link deal and really thought it rocked. So I changed my gallerypost site to the same rules.

a beautifully worded rebuffing sir it starts with the greed then goes all wrong

Ya know dude, you're right. I've seen some of those pages with 10 or 15 reciprocal links on them and it does look like shit. I don't have alot of banners on my page and I intend to keep it that way. I guess a persons got to do what a persons got to do, but I will keep in mind what you have said about all the damn reciprocals. I hope that there are more webmasters out there like yourself. So far I have only found one besides you, but there's always hope. Keep up the kick ass job!

yes, sir, you're right. but what else can we do? some boycott against persian kitty? smash Richards Realm because he seems - unlike you, unlike The Greenguy, unlike any other linksites master - simply to be to stupid to get my sites even on his screen? Well - I removed his reci-link from my sites, indeed. See - you and your wife, you are doing things really fine and you are working with the same things in mind like me: "service, honour and self-respect" (faithm is einach is naire, as we say it in gaelic...) I'm only a silly old photographer, working for quality (not only at the web) for fun for both of my models and my customers. Of course the web is a nice toy - but all of us - you and your lady as well as the rest of the webmasters - have to have some financial success. and if it is even to pay the fucking phone-bill. If you want to organize a rebellion: you wear the flag, I'll care for the arms. But what can we win - a world wide web - with no links and not a single fucking hit for hours? So - point your finger at it: what the hell can we do?

I really like your page, and went wild when I read your letter about reciprocals. In fact, I decided to put one big reciprocal to your page as a way of saying thanks.

Hun... YOU SAID THAT SHIT RIGHT!!! Thanks for mirroring my thoughts. I was posting to these sites regularly trying to keep the good look of my page while still giving a decent recip. Fuck that, now. My primary concern is pleasing my visitors. I don't like sending my visitors to bullshit and I don't like big-headed, dishonest webmasters. A lot of times, these post site webmasters won't even link a site that gives them a recip!!! I'll no longer be posting to these sites and if a webmaster can't answer my fuckin email [even if it's a short response], then they've have lost my respect. Thanks for bein so cool! ;-)

I read your statement about reciprocals and I think you are right.. but what should webmasters like me do? I don´t know about other gallery posts that accept sitez without a reciprocal link like you do. I think the best would be if you could make a link page with all the gallery posts that accept sitez without reciprocal linkz.

Spoken like a true gentleman. I think that if all the webmasters were like you the net would be a much better place. It starts with 1.

You are right!! The only reason webmasters like my self have those buttons up is because we HAVE TO get get listed on other sites!! All those buttons do make our site look shitty. And I don't want a shitty site. So I have taken off all the buttons on my thumbnail gallery. But I have added your link because I wanted to, and not because you demanded me to. It seems that you are a good webmaster and thats why your link is on my site!!